Laser scanning

Laser scanning your asset into digital form

Laser scanning makes it possible to digitize any asset. Whether you want comprehensive 3D information of an asset or just need one particular area to be digitized, laser scanning is your answer.

Proven benefits of using laser scanning include
  • construction schedules reduce 5% – 10%
  • engineering errors reduce → reduce schedule upsets
  • error rate on 3D project with laser scan data is down to only 1% – 3%
  • reduced potential injuries at jobsite
  • less site visits
  • trained people enter the jobsite
  • share data with multi-offices
  • more efficient communication during model reviews
  • asset data management
We stand on strong safety at work policy
  • Only trained people
  • Before every job starts, personnel will access the risks and hazards as well as go through the steps with the team
  • identify hazards
  • evaluate how to eliminate or control the hazard
  • evaluate if the task is safe to perform
  • Communicate with owner/operator: current hazards at job site, required PPE, muster points, evacuation routes
N1Digital uses years of experience to offer you:
  • competent people
  • latest hardware and software solutions
  • understanding of project needs
  • deliverables that suit your project
  • documentation and reporting
  • managing the data

Janne Nyrhi

Founder, N1 Digital Oy


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N1Digital is your first step to building digital assets. We help you acquire accurate and reliable 3D information from any asset in a cost-effective, reliable and safe way.